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A Peek at the New Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship: Oasis of the Seas

If there’s one thing Royal Caribbean knows how to do, it’s make big ships. This has been true of their Freedom cruise ships that all boast 160,000 tons, making them the biggest ships in the sea to date. However, the new Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, will outsize them all with 40% more space an actual neighborhoods right onboard to explore. This all new Royal Caribbean cruise ship is scheduled to hit the water in December of 2009, but the buzz in the cruise industry is already going around. While Royal Caribbean has led the pack in size and innovation before, this new Royal Caribbean cruise ship will raise the bar on cruise vacations, making this the best Caribbean cruise ship by far.

Neighborhoods to Explore

This new Royal Caribbean cruise ship will feature seven distinct neighborhoods to explore while sailing the high seas. The three that have been announced so far include the Royal Promenade, which will take the current promenade on Royal Caribbean ships a step further; Central Park, which will feature real grass and trees right onboard this new Royal Caribbean ship; and the Boardwalk, which will offer a Coney Island feel with traditional carnival games and the first carousel at sea.

An Aqua Theater


Another innovative addition to this new Royal Caribbean cruise ship will be an Aqua Theatre that will function as a pool by day and an entertainment venue at night. The pool will go to a depth of 18 feet – the deepest on any cruise ship today – which provides the perfect location for scuba diving lessons in between ports of call. At night, this theatre in water will include synchronized fountain shows and acrobatics performed by professional gymnasts and aerialists. This all new Royal Caribbean ship is sure to offer entertainment that has never been experienced on a cruise vacation before.

Innovative Accomodations

Forget the traditional staterooms of the past, this new Royal Caribbean cruise ship will offer New York style lofts and suites with balconies that overlook the scenic Boardwalk. The same suites that have been popular on other vessels will be offered on this new Royal Caribbean cruise ship as well. Standard staterooms will also offer modern amenities like additional storage and flip-up night tables to provide additional space.

The Oasis of the Seas will provide unbelievable amenities and accommodations that have never been seen on the open sea before. With unusual accommodation choices and a host of neighborhoods to explore, this new Royal Caribbean cruise ship is sure to be a hit in the cruise industry.

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