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Dining Options on the Disney Cruise Line

With many cruise lines offering similar itineraries and amenities today, it can be challenging to know which cruise line will work the best for your vacation. However, there are some subtle differences between cruise companies that can help you whittle down the competition until you find the right fit for your family. One of the features that sets the Disney Cruise Line apart from the rest is their evening dining program. Instead of heading to the same old dining room every night for dinner, passengers on the Disney cruise ship get to sample different menus from different dining rooms every single night. The best part of this deal is that your wait staff travels to the different dining halls with you, to ensure your service is consistent night after night. Each Disney ship has three different dining rooms to choose from, complete with their own original flair.

Animator’s Palate

When you enter this Disney Cruise Line dining room filled with black and white walls, floors and pictures, you will be enchanted with the many scenes from Disney films that surround the room. However, the animation is not the best part of this unique room. As the meal goes on, Animator’s Palate gradually changes from a black and white atmosphere to one that is filled with color and life. Even the wait staff gets in on the fun, as their uniforms transform from black and white to bursts of color. The evening is completed with a parade led by Sorcerer Mickey and all the wait staff filing past the tables in their rainbow ensembles.

Parrot’s Cay

Laid back is the best term to describe this Disney Cruise Line dining room. The mood is tropical, with plenty of bright colors and a few pirates lurking about. The food follows the Caribbean mood, with many tropical offerings like mango soup and a variety of shrimp dishes. With any luck, your table will be placed by one of the large windows so you can enjoy a view of the sea while you dine in high style.

Lumiere’s or Triton’s

The third dining room on the Disney Cruise Line will depend on which ship you are sailing. Lumiere’s offers a French flair that is upscale and more formal than the other two. Triton’s follows this formal feel, although the sea is the theme with lovely blues and greens gracing the room. These dining rooms will feel a bit more like the ambiance on other cruise lines, and makes a lovely location for formal nights on the ship. The food will be focused on French cuisine or fresh seafood, depending on which dining room you are in.

Disney Cruise Line does many things right, but one of the highlights of these ships is their unique dining program. Passengers aboard are sure to never get board with a variety of food and atmosphere every single night!

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