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Magic Awaits on a Disney Cruise Ship

Cruise lines are often developed specifically for the purpose of providing cruise vacations to travelers. The company specializes in the cruise industry and customers can rest assured that all of the efforts of the company are going into making those cruise vacations as special as possible. However, the Disney cruise ship was not created to be a unique entity apart from the rest of the Disney Corporation. Instead, the company created the Disney cruise ship to bring the traditional Disney magic out to the open seas and to tropical ports of call.


It was just a little more than ten years ago that Disney announced plans to introduce a Disney cruise ship to the high seas. The first Disney cruise ship to be constructed was the Magic, which was built in two parts in Italy. Once the two halves of the ship were completed, they were brought together and connected for a voyage across the Atlantic. This first Disney cruise ship left Venice on July 1, 1998 and arrived at Port Canaveral on July 15 of the same year. Guests of the maiden voyage were chosen by lottery to sail across the Atlantic on this very special cruise.

At the same time the Disney cruise ship was being constructed, ground was broken on Disney’s private island that would be a port for cruise voyages, Castaway Cay. Today, passengers will enjoy a stop on this private island that was created so passengers could disembark from the ship and walk straight onto the sandy beaches of the island. Docked near the Disney cruise ship at this port is another vessel, known by Pirates of the Caribbean fans as the Flying Dutchman.

The tremendous popularity of this Disney cruise ship inspired the company to create another identical vessel known as the Disney Wonder. This ship left Venice on July 14, 1999, and arrived at Port Canaveral on August 2, 1999. Both of these ships set sail from Port Canaveral for most itineraries, heading to the Bahamas or the Caribbean, depending on the length of the voyage. Those interested in a Disney cruise vacation will be able to find Disney cruise deals that incorporate a land and sea adventure or a variety of cruise itineraries to choose from.

The Disney cruise ship has become a popular vacation at sea for many passengers today. With first class dining, accommodations and true Disney-style entertainment, a Disney cruise vacation is sure to be one that families will remember for a lifetime.

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