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Why You Should Review Your Carnival Cruise Details Before You Jump On Board

So you’re ready to take a cruise! Not all cruises are created equal – there are many differences, even beyond price. Whether this is your first cruise or your tenth, it is important to know what you’re getting before you give them your hard earned cash. It can be very hard to change your plans – switching to a different day, or different itinerary – once you’ve signed that agreement with Carnival Cruise lines. Review your cruising plans first!

Basics First!

It practically goes without saying that you need to know for sure the dates of your Carnival Cruise; review your calendar to be sure it doesn’t conflict with anything more important that you don’t want to have to cancel. How long is your cruise? Four days? Six? Seven? And how far away are you going? Which ports of call are there? Be sure you know these ahead of time, so that you aren’t surprised later with the actual itinerary. Also, reviewing this aspect of Carnival Cruises gives you the opportunity to sign up for optional activities at each ports of call. Want to horseback ride in Cabo San Lucas? You’ll need to buy that part ahead!

Know your options before you choose a room. Is it critical to you to have an ocean view? You’ll pay more, but that’s a choice. If you don’t care about the view, or even if there’s a window, you can usually get your Carnival Cruise room at a discount.

Fees To Expect

Be sure you review your Carnival Cruise paperwork so that you are clear about the expenses that are already included in your cruise price and those that you are expected to pay for separately. Generally, all meals are included (though the alcohol might not be), and most entertainment is included. What about tipping? Is it expected or not allowed? Be sure you know so you can respond appropriately. Some optional activities on deck might not be included in your Carnival Cruise price – like massages, spa treatments, shopping, or bingo. Most activities at the various ports of call will cost – and need to be paid for when you buy your cruise ticket – they generally fill up fast. Depending on the deal you get when you buy your cruise ticket, you might be given a few hundred dollars in “cruise line money” to spend aboard ship, so that can help cover those extras.

Thing You Must Bring?

Another reason to review your Carnival Cruise paperwork is to be sure you bring everything that is required. For many cruises, you need to bring along your passport. Be sure you have the required paperwork for your cruise.

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